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Rahul Kumar Singh

Astrology Consultant

Rahul Kumar Singh is a celebrated and passionate Astrologer, whose professional life is driven by Media and Technology. His diverse education, experience and passion towards science, planets and karma makes him unique. Rahul was born in New Delhi to a family, who values traditions and education. He has been living in Perth for the past 12 years, and enjoys his life with his young son.

Rahul’s spiritual journey began in his early childhood when his father and grandfather accompanied him to visit a Guru Jaharveer worship place, where he felt a different energy and aura that touched his soul. Since then, Rahul developed and continued to experience a passion for Auras, Astrology and Vedas. With time, he started learning and practicing various aspects within the science of Astrology, Auras, Palmistry, and the Gemstone. More he followed his spiritual path, more he felt awareness with his self-conscientiousness. After years of dedication and realization, he evolved as a credible Astrologer, who finds the logic and calculations in Astrology. To Rahul, Astrology connect the dots between him and the universe. As he says, Astrology is about understanding past “knowwhat you were born with,” accept present “who you are now,” and plan out the future “in the best way possible.”

Over the last two decades, Rahul has prepared and discussed thousands of horoscopes, and earned a reputation of being genuine and dependable. He helped eminent personalities including but not limited to Media professionals, Politicians, Doctors, Engineers, Scientist, Civil Servants and Business Owners towards remediation of all common issues of life related to health, education, marital compatibility, business, financial stability, professional growth, wealth, sickness, love life and material success.

Rahul’s journey started at his birth place, New Delhi, India and with his continued passion to learn and do more, took him to various spiritual places in northern and southern parts of India, United States, Canada, Mauritius, Thailand and Japan. In Rahul’s humble words, “my journey will continue to seek peace, self-conscientiousness, true meaning of life and karma, and finding ways to become a better person.”