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The main intention of all these services is to minimize the ill effects of planets by balancing the energies & auras in and maximize mental peace. Remedies can vary between prayers or wearing gemstones. Generally, the duration of these sessions are around 1 hour each & the cost is $100 per session


Natal Chart Reading (Kundli)

This chart is prepared according to your date, place & time of birth to give accurate predictions about a person. During the consultation, you will be provided with the analysis of your past, present & future.


Compatibility Score (Marriage)

This refers to the compatibility between two or more individuals for either marriage, business or any other relationship. This will help you to understand the characteristics of your partner & how to proceed with person/professional relationships

Palm Lines

Palm Reading

This reading is based on  lines of your hands. It tells the present status of life/mind & is considered to be done if the person won’t have the accurate date, place or time of birth. Although the future predictions are not so accurate with this reading but this helps surely in finding the right way or path in your life 

Health Reading

This reading will tell you about the physical and health related issues that you may have in present or going to have in future. This will also give you a guideline of the illness and weakness you might faces and what sort of precautions you need to take & fair bit of knowledge that how to minimize these bad effects